Mark & Sarah

Sarah was first a successful and competitive gymnast, and found dancing through ballet and contemporary at Dance City in Newcastle. Following this Sarah discovered Ceroc dance classes, which opened her eye to the world of Modern Jive dancing. Sarah discovered West Coast Swing (through Mark) and discovered her new love of dancing. After spending a few years learning everything there is in WCS she successfully passed the GPDIA to teach WCS.


Mark, having no previous dance experience, stumbled across Ceroc dance classes after going along with his Mum and Dad to see what all the fuss was about and was immediately hooked into Modern Jive. After a couple of years of learning and dancing Modern Jive, Mark joined a local independent Modern Jive group called Jive Junction (Originally Blitz Jive). From there he was trained and passed through Blitz Jive to become one of their resident teachers. Similar to Sarah, Mark is also GPDIA certified to teach WCS.

Mark and Sarah first met at one of Jive Junction's dance classes in Wallsend, and the rest they say is history.

In October 2018, they both decided to start their own dance school 'Sync Dancing' in order to carry on their love and teaching of Modern Jive and West Coast Swing. They have taught regular classes in Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Weatherby, before settling in Middlesbrough and Billingham.

As a partnership they have competed at the World Modern Jive Championships numerous times becoming 3rd Showcase medalists twice, 2nd in take chance, and multiple finalists in multiple categories including the prestigious Open. From 2018, Mark and Sarah have entered the competition world of WCS and have already accumulated multiple trophies.