Modern Jive

Modern Jive is a dance style derived from swingLindy Hoprock and rollsalsa and others, the main innovation being to simplify the footwork by removing syncopation such as chasse. The term "French Jive" is occasionally used instead, reflecting the origins of the style. The word "modern" distinguishes it from ballroom Jive.

Modern Jive is the simplest of all partner dances. Since there is no footwork to learn, within half an hour your local club will have you dancing to the biggest chart hits of today and yesterday, with lots of different partners. Its lack of restriction means that there are literally hundreds of moves of every kind for you to use to expand your repertoire.

Check out Mark & Sarah below dancing at the World Modern Jive Championships...

This is the dance that got us dancing in the first place!​

We have been part of the Modern Jive dance world for over 15 years and have been teaching for over 10 years.

We can quite confidently say if you have 2 left feet then this is the dance for you. As there is no specific footwork we can get you dancing immediately and after 1 night you can dance to a full track of music.

Back in the day it was known as the dance that incorporated Jive and Salsa, but today all dance styles and music are incorporated into the dance.

With dance classes in every town of the UK this dance community is HUGE You can dance on weekenders, holidays and compete at the world famous Blackpool Tower at the World Modern Jive Championships.

Easy to learn and you'll be a pro before you know it!

No sign up and no partner required just turn up and have fun.

Not only is this a social and fun dance but it is also great exercise and will keep you fit!...more enjoyable than the gym.

If it is your first time and you are wondering what to wear, just come in whatever makes you comfortable.

Our classes are aimed to get you moving and grooving straight away so be mindful you will need to have footwear that is light and flexible. Ladies we would recommend a low heel.

What are you waiting for join one of our classes this week.